SXSW x VAST Tutorial

1. Hardware Requirements
Oculus Rift/Rifts
Oculus Quest 1/2 with link
HTC Vive/Vive Pro
PC Operating System
Windows 10 64 bit
GrForce GTX 1080
RX Vega 64
Ryzen 7 2700K
Ryzen 5 1600
GrForce GTX 2080
Radeon RX 5700 XT
2. Runtime Environment
The projects of SXSW official selection will use both SteamVR and Oculus runtime with PC, please make sure to have both Oculus software or SteamVR properly installed on your PC before opening VAST client. Quest/Quest 2 standalone was not supported.
Oculus Complete Setup Instruction Guide:
Steam VR Complete Setup Instruction Guide:
For Oculus/Meta Quest  1&2:
Make sure to use USB 3.0 cable to connect your Quest with your PC using Oculus Link.
Go to the main menu and click on Oculus Link to activate PC connection.
Wait for Quest Link to activate and enter the system dock.
Make sure the connection indicators on PC are all green.
Oculus/Meta Rift and Rift S:
Please use the default cable of Rift/Rift S to connect to your PC.
Make sure the connection indicators on PC are all green.
HTC Vive:
Please use the default cable of HTC Vive/Vive Pro to connect to your PC.
Make sure Steam VR is activated and indicators are working properly.
3. Download VAST Client
If you wish to download a clean client of VAST and plan to download projects/experiences independently, please use the following link:
File Size: 8.7 GB
If you wish to download the VAST client and all the projects/experience together, please use the following link:
File Size: 62.9 GB
4. Platform Login
Extract all files from VAST client package. Go to the main folder and double click on executable file "SXSW2022.exe". Once you open the login page, use your SXSW account ID and Password to log-in to the platform.
5. Control Instructions
Important Notes:

6DoF Projects in the official selection require different runtime on computers and may encounter different errors due to hardware and driver differences. We are polishing the process as much as possible,but please understand that errors may still occur due to the complex nature of unstandardized systems.

Projects running on Oculus Runtime:
<Liminal Lands>
<Minimum Mass>
<Red Antz VR>
<The Choice>
<Madame Pirate: Becoming a Legend>

Projects running on Steam VR Runtime:
<Paper Birds>
<Persuasion Machines>

When opening Steam VR projects with Oculus HMDs, if you cannot go pass the loading page, please switch to your desktop with your keyboard, and check if you get the "Add-On Blocked" notice from your Steam VR Panel. Click on "Manage Add-ons" and unblock all add-ons listed in the menu, try to activate the experience again. Use "Alt + Tab" on your keyboard to switch between programs and software from your PC.
Basic Control:

Meta/Oculus Quest 1&2、Rift&Rift S
Please raise your left wrist to see the instructions. Use X button to teleport, Y button to open Menu, Joystick to turn and Trigger to confirm.
HTC Vive/Vive Pro
Use Grab button to teleport, Menu button to open Menu, Touchpad to turn and Trigger to confirm.
Menu Bar:
Please get familiar with your menu bar. You can also access some temporary gadgets we provide for you to play around with other attendees.
Project Download:
Teleport to the front of a poster, for a project that is downloadable, you will see a download panel on the right side. Use Trigger to Click on the Install button and start the download process.
Download Status:
You can determine your download status from the frame color of the posters.
•   No border indicates project has not been downloaded;
•   Green border indicates project has been successfully downloaded;
•   Blue border indicates project is in downloading process;
•   Orange border indicates project is in download queue.
6. FAQ
How to enter the NFT gallery.
Find the NFT Gallery poster in the main world and use teleport button to click on the poster.
How to watch project trailer.
Go to posters with attached trailer and move near the poster, the trailer will play automatically.
How to download a project.
Teleport to the front of a poster, if the project is downloadable, you can see a panel on your right, click on "Install" with trigger button to initiate the download process.
How to resume downloading if I quit the program.
Please keep the client open when downloading the projects. If you close the program and reopen it, the downloading process will automatically resume.
Open and close the main program of VAST cause system lagging.
Please check your Windows Task Manager(Ctrl+Alt+Del) and see if there are duplicated sessions of VAST.
There are no sounds, the system has echoes.
Please confirm if you have selected headset speaker as the primary sound device. If the problem persists, please close the program and also kill the process “SXSW2022.exe” in Windows Task Manager(Ctrl+Alt+Del). Reopen “SXSW2022.exe” from the main folder.
The program crashes when running projects.
Please check if you have enough RAM.
The client or projects cannot unpack.
Please check if you have enough space on your hard-drive.
Cannot re-enter SXSW world after viewing a project.
Please switch programs to SXSW2022 from your desktop screen using keyboard(Alt+Tab).
When launching an experience in VAST, if the process cannot be switched automatically.
Please switch programs manually on PC(Alt+Tab)
When launching an experience in VAST, if necessary plug-ins are missing.
Please download it manually on your PC according to the system prompt.
When launching an experience in VAST, the computer stuck at the loading page and didn't launch the experience.
Please make sure that both SteamVR and Oculus client are properly installed and no errors was reported when launch an experience.
Cannot download independent projects/experiences.
Please alternatively download the full package client with all projects built-in.