SXSW 2022 Online XR Virtual World

About the event

SXSW collaborates with Sandman Studios’ virtual festival platform VAST to present a selection of the SXSW Film Festival’s XR Experience Program, including the XR Experience Competition, XR Experience Spotlight and XR Experience Special Event projects available in VR. Enjoy your stay in VAST!


Our VAST client for SXSW Online XR requires both Oculus and Steam VR to be installed, please make sure you have properly installed both system before entering VAST.

Download VAST client only
Download Link 1Download Link 2
File Size: 8.7 GB
Download VAST client with all projects
Download Link 1Download Link 2
File Size: 62.9 GB

Tutorial and FAQ

Please read through the tutorial and FAQ before entering VAST

SXSW x VAST User Tutorial and FAQ

A Multiverse of Virtual Worlds and Festivals

VAST is a virtual entertainment social platform developed by Sandman Studios. VAST is built with cutting edge real time technologies of Unreal Engine, integrated with proprietary tools to enable creators to build their own miniverses and explore thousands of events and worlds of unimaginable virtual experiences. Choose your own avatars, join your friends to attend virtual festivals, performances, exhibitions and go world-hopping with people in the metaverse. VAST collaborates with global curators, event organizers and independent creatives, dedicated to build the destination of best immersive experiences for next generation creators and community.

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